Food Being Served at a Restaurant

The 7 Best Restaurants in Eugene, Oregon

Are you looking to explore the foodie scene in Eugene? This city is home to beautiful scenery with many parks and recreational activities, making it an excellent spot for restaurants to thrive. So, here are the best restaurants in Eugene, Oregon, that should be on your must-try list! 


A French-inspired restaurant, Marché is the French word for “market.” They serve local, seasonal, and fresh food with simple presentations and flavorful tastes.   

Hours of Operation:  

Monday–Sunday: 3–9 p.m.  


296 E. Fifth Ave.   

Cornbread Cafe

 If you’re vegan, Cornbread Cafe is the perfect place for you. Choose from fried tofu, burgers with oat-based patties, burritos, and much more.  

Hours of Operation:  

Wednesday–Thursday: Noon–8 p.m. 

Friday–Sunday: 11 a.m.–8 p.m.  


1290 W. Seventh Ave. 

1960 Cocina

1960 Cocina is a family-owned Mexican restaurant in Eugene serving tacos, tortillas, and quesadillas in a venue with an extremely welcoming vibe. 

Hours of Operation:  

Tuesday–Saturday: 4–9:30 p.m. 


1810 Willamette St. 

Fisherman’s Market

Seafood lovers are going to enjoy Fisherman’s Market — a Food Network Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives pick that specializes in smoked fish dishes and other seafood fare.  

Hours of Operation:  

Daily: 10 a.m.–8 p.m.  


830 W. Seventh Ave. 

Bao Bao House

Bao Bao House is a savory Chinese restaurant with delicious dishes that range from noodles, dumplings, and bao.  

Hours of Operation:  

Wednesday–Saturday: 11 a.m.–10 p.m. 

Sunday: Noon–10 p.m. 

Monday: 11 a.m.–10 p.m. 

Tuesday: 11 a.m.–3 p.m. 


868 W. Park St. 

Black Wolf Super Club 

Black Wolf Super Club serves Southern-inspired food and is one of the top restaurants in Eugene, Oregon.  

Hours of Operation:  

Tuesday–Saturday: 5–9 p.m. 


454 Willamette St.

Placido’s Pasta Shop

Placido’s Pasta Shop offers fresh certified-organic pasta dishes that perfectly fuse a wonderful blend of old and new school tastes.  

Hours of Operation:  

Tuesday–Sunday: 5–9 p.m. 


120 Shelton McMurphy Blvd., Suite 110 

The Takeaway  

Which one would you like to visit first? Our list of the seven best restaurants in Eugene, Oregon, will give you more than enough food places to check out and fuel up before or after a good study session!