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woman sleeping on a bed under brown blankets

The Importance of Sleep for College Students

College life can be an exhilarating experience filled with academic challenges, social activities, and personal growth — however, it’s also when sleep often takes a backseat to a hectic schedule. Understanding the importance of sleep for college students is crucial. Let’s learn why getting enough quality sleep is essential and provide valuable tips for the […]

three young college students laughing while looking at a laptop

How To Manage Stress as a College Student

According to the American Institute of Stress, eight in ten college students frequently experience stress. Causes of stress in college students can be related to academic performance, financial constraints, work pressure, and social relationships. While this may be inevitable, managing stress properly can help students lead healthier and happier lives. So, how do you cope […]

woman counting dollar bills

Budgeting Tips for College Students

Budgeting is an arduous task that one has to master throughout their entire life. As a student, you don’t have much knowledge about how money works, making it a lot more challenging. However, if you’re studying at a university in the city, money management is something you shouldn’t overlook. Calculating everything from your food, commute, […]

Female College Student Carrying Books

What to Pack for College

It’s the start of a new school year, and you’re probably heading off to college. You may have been asking yourself, “What do I need to pack for college?” If that’s the case, then this article is all you need to survive the struggle of preparing everything that you will need when you start your […]

Food Being Served at a Restaurant

The 7 Best Restaurants in Eugene, Oregon

Are you looking to explore the foodie scene in Eugene? This city is home to beautiful scenery with many parks and recreational activities, making it an excellent spot for restaurants to thrive. So, here are the best restaurants in Eugene, Oregon, that should be on your must-try list!  Marché  A French-inspired restaurant, Marché is the French word for “market.” They serve local, seasonal, and fresh […]

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A Student Guide to Living in Eugene, OR

With nearly 23,000 students enrolled at the University of Oregon, the college town has thrived for decades as an academic/economic engine that continues to roll at full steam ahead. A large part of the success is due to a vibrant environment primed for Eugene student living thanks to a campus and a city that work […]

Downtown Eugene, Oregon

Fun and Interesting Facts About Eugene, Oregon

ePerhaps understandably, the only exposure many people have to the wonderful city of Eugene, Oregon, is largely in its capacity as a college town. As the home of the flagship campus of the University of Oregon, the town’s status and reputation has grown to the national proliferation it enjoys today, especially due to some collegiate […]

It’s Holiday Season!

You all are so close to the end of the term, and we want to see you succeed! Let us know if there’s anything we can provide to ensure you get those grades you deserve. The Soto wishes you merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, and happy new year! Special Highlight Tips to beat the […]

Happy Fall, Y’all!

School is in session, and we’re ecstatic to finally have you all here! If you’re not used to this brisk weather, stop by the lobby for a cup of tea or coffee to warm you up on your way to school. We hope that this first month has been a treat for you. Maintenance Tips […]

Ferris Wheel at Lane County Fair in Eugene, Oregon

Check Out These Annual Events in Eugene, OR

Eugene, Oregon is home to an amazing community with many great events to attend. Eugene is Oregon’s second-largest city, and for this reason, the city has a ton of events to attend. We at The Soto want to make it simple for you to find the perfect event for you to attend next, and that’s […]